February 25th, 2012

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Comics Next Week

Smallest week EVER.

Amazing Spider-Man Vol 2 #680
Angel And Faith #7 Regular Steve Morris Cover
Astonishing X-Men Vol 3 #47
FF #15 Regular Mike Choi Cover
Justice League Vol 2 #6 Regular Jim Lee Cover
Legion Secret Origin #5
Venom Vol 2 #13.4

Goes without saying this will be held off to order with the following week's books.


Bendis and Broken

Never before have I wanted a story to be a rumour as much as this one.  Bendis taking over the X-Books is just...wow, one of the few things that would get me to quit whatever he touches.

Fortunately, BC *is* typically a rumour site, and can be wrong.

PLEASE be wrong.

I'd be fine with him taking over AN X-Book.  Let him have X-Men or Astonshing.  No one's doing much with those these days.  I just don't want him A) running the show with his one brand of creative voice.  Or B) taking over one of the MANY books that are actually kicking ass right now.  And many of which were JUST relaunched.

The X-Books are on a creative high right now.  I would argue they're the best they've been in about 20 years, almost across the board.  Which I guess is why Marvel wants to screw things up. =P

But if you have your opinion, come by #Comicbooks!  This sort of things is exactly what IRC is for!  Come and bitch!  Tell me I'm crazy!  Tell me why this is a good idea!  Or whatever!  It's chat night, and this is great fodder to try and drag people in!

Shameless plug, I know.