January 15th, 2012


MST3K Rewatch Week 30 - Monster A Go Go

"This has stinkburger written all over it."

Gods, I hate this movie.

I have seen it SO many times, and still have no clear idea what the hell happens.

As near as I can figure, pieced together by all those repeated viewings...an astronaut crashes to Earth from space, where he was floating around having been injected with tons of stuff to protect him from radiation, which doesn't appear to have done much good, since he's returned to Earth highly radioactive, terribly disfigured, and a little bit killy.

They try to stop him, he may have been captured for awhile, but they never really show that, or how he escaped, and then at the very end we find out this creature isn't the astronaut, nor does it appear to exist.

I think.

Or maybe it was all a dream.  This movie is such gibberish bullshit, it ain't funny.

Well, ok, it is.  But only because of Joel and the Bots, who have a grand old time with this turd.  The movie is AWFUL, but the riffing is pretty decent, and entertaining enough.  They make it watchable, at the very least.

What was up with the weirdly random host segments?  Normally they have SOMEthing to do with the movie, or an ongoing plot of its own, but playing keep away with Crow?  Gypsy just not 'getting' anyone?  I still laughed, but they were...strange.

A terrible movie, an enjoyable riffing, and a bonus silly short with Circus on Ice.  Good stuff.