Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Grey Goes to the Movies: Chronicle

Someday I'll come up with a name for these types of posts that I like and stick with it.

Aside from the whole found footage genre *really* wearing me down, I gotta say...I liked this.

Of course, since the core of the story is pretty much the Dark Phoenix Saga on a human level, is that REALLY a surprise to anyone?

This was really well handled, you got to know and like the characters early on, and their quirks were just awkward enough to feel real but not too forced, and I absolutely LOVED watching the trio learn more about their powers, gain more control over them, and just revel in having them, like any teenager, like ANY person would do.

Andrew's descent into abusing his power was very believable, with only a few moments that felt shoehorned in for the sake of storytelling.  The movie didn't really do anything THAT surprising, I pretty much knew where the story was going to go, once I glommed onto what the story was, and it delivered almost exactly that.  But that is no bad thing.  It delivered it well, and stylishly, and was just FUN about doing it.

But as with this sub-genre of storytelling...oh, the cameras.  I love found footage movies, because they *really* bring you into it, make things feel one more level of real, if they're done well, but there is ALWAYS the problems of A) why are they filming/STILL filming?? and B) where did the camera come from? in too many shots.

The movie gets around point B) pretty well in most cases, but there are a few shots that just leave you scratching your head.  And it was NOT helped when Andrew forcibly stole a camera, for the sole purpose to film his pummeling of the city.  I mean...what?!

If you're walking into a found footage movie though, you already know the problems inherent in it, and if you're like me, will forgive them some of that, and if you can, this is an enjoyable little movie.


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