December 30th, 2011


The Horror

Oops.  It's been good writing a few lengthier posts the last few days, but I totally botched yesterday.  I like to try and post something every day, and this week has had some good opportunity for longer posts, and less one line crappy updates.  And then I spaced out and totally forgot Thursday happened. ;)

Meanwhile, now that I'm done reviewing five terrible Christmas horror movies, I can get back to...reviewing non-Christmas horror movies.  Oh yay.

I've jotted out a schedule, as many know, for Trisk pushing forward well into 2013.  I'm ready to shift things if I stumble upon any new/old gems, but for the most part, things are pretty solid.

I wrote down what first review for January would be AGES ago, and just relooked up the movie to refresh my memory on it, and if it was truly something I wanted to do, since anything from the few 50-pack movie boxes can be hit or miss...but then I saw the killer venus flytrap plant man.  Hello, yes, I shall enjoy reviewing that.

Oh, and it's based on a script from Ed Wood.  This next movie will be fun.  And thankfully SO different from everything Silent Night, Deadly Night.