December 26th, 2011


Bits and Pieces

So, as everyone knows, my website has been reviewing the entire Silent Night Deadly Night series this month, and I am finally done done done with that.

I do think I need to go over the movies one last time though, as a bit of a post mortem on the entire series.  A look at how all five fit together *SNORT* how they are against each other, and any final thoughts on the series as a whole, things I couldn't really get into during the actual reviews.

I think I'm gonna shoot to do the wrap up for the 31st, but I won't feel too bad if I blow that date.  I accomplished what I set out to do, and when I first thought of doing all five at once during the site's first year, it seemed like such an impossible, daunting task.  I still have no idea how reviewers like the Nostalgia Critic and his entire Team Awesome do this so regularly.  I have no life and feel like I have no time to do just two movies a month.  In text!  And they do video!

I bow to their superior skill.  And tenacity. ;)

Also, I rewatched the remastered Don't Open 'Til Christmas, and will be taking a short, second look at that, with new screencaps, like I did for the Puppet Master rerelease last year.