December 18th, 2011


MST3K Rewatch Week 28 - The Killer Shrews

The sound in this one, for the movie, is TERRIBLE.  The riffs are perfectly clear.

And the plot isn't much better!  A couple of sailors delivering supplies via boat to a remote island science lab.  And encounter giant, man-eating shrews.  Or dogs hilariously made up with carpet and tails stuck to them.  The plot moves so slowly, and is so non-existent, it consists of everyone just standing around for 45 minutes talking, and then deciding to staple gasoline barrels together to protect themselves.  Seriously, the movie just spins its wheels until everyone decides to up and leave.

The host segment with them playing the Killer Shrew board game where no one moves, because the movie is so damned slow is priceless.

HA!  "For Miles O'Keefe in every direction!"  Great callback riff.