December 11th, 2011

Mind coffee

MST3K Rewatch Week 27 - Prince of Space

Oh, a classic from the later years.

"I like it very much!"

And I do!  This is a fun one.  Lots of strangeness thanks to being a 1950ish Japanese movie, that's not quite a monster movie, but there are aliens.  Laughable, hilarious aliens played by guys with chicken noses.

Which are so bad, so goofy looking, the gang just keeps laughing at them.  As they should.  And they don't go more than a minute without making chicken noises when Phantom and his minions are on screen.

As for the host segments, I love the Satellite of Love's trip through the wormhole, and the fun that ensues.  The temporal confusion reminds me so much of Red Dwarf's "White Hole" episode.  And puppet Mike?  Hilarious.  I wish we saw more of him.  At least he made it into the theatre for a bit.

"He's evil, and evil people only come around at night!"  HEY!  I take offense at that...

And for super powerful aliens, the Krankorians sure have a sucky plan.  "Let's keep attacking the one guy!  He says our weapons are ineffective, and we have proven that time and again!  Keep shooting, men!"  It's like why do crooks bother shooting Superman?

Great stuff, and a classic of latter day MST3K.