December 4th, 2011


MST3K Rewatch Week 26 - Hercules vs. the Moon Men

Hercules.  Versus the MOON MEN.

Let that sink in for awhile.

Yep, yet another Hercules movie.  No Steve Reeves this time, though.  But there is a sandstorm.  And Deep Hurting.  My gods, some movies are padded, but this movie (And Lost Continent) are just maggotty with it.  It truly is painful to watch people stumbling around a foggy set for 20 minutes with almost no dialogue.  At least there was some intercutting, but not enough!

"It looks like a Doctor Who set..."

The Moon Men look laughable.  The gang is right to compare them to Mexican wrestlers.  So, so silly looking.  And that's saying something!  Also, why did they have to manufacture moon men from space to sacrifice people to?  Why not use real gods?

Ehh, whatever.  Overall, a pretty solid episode, with good laughs throughout, and mostly decent host segments.  They took a movie that had a long stretch that should have dragged the episode down, and instead they managed to raise it up.

Pizza Pizza!