October 14th, 2011


Holy Potatoes


My mother just showed me an ad for frozen sweet potato fries, and wondered if I'd try them, because I don't like sweet potatoes.  I pointed out we've had them before.  She argued we haven't, vehemently pointing out these are FRIES.  Don't I see that??

Which I did.  And I actually LIKE them as fries.  Yummy.  She's insistent that we've never had them before, or she'd remember.  She gets huffy, intent on proving me wrong, storms out to dad and asks HIM.  He backs me up, since we both remember eating them.

And she goes from huffy to pissed.  She is downright *sulking* in her chair.  Dad wanted to know where the dog was, and asked her about five times, trying to get her attention, but she refused to speak to him, until finally she practically shouted, "WHAT??"

I am longing for some way to prove we've eaten them before.  Sigh.  Not so much to be a jerk and prove her wrong, but because unless I can find some concrete way of saying, "Look at what you're forgetting, and getting belligerent about" she'll never listen.  If I push the issue, she'll either get more pissed, or just brush it off as "It's just french fries, it's no big deal, no wonder I don't remember!" like she does with tv shows.

When no one is looking, I am so raiding the freezer on the oh so very teeny tiny chance there's some hidden in there.