May 31st, 2011


Crisis on Crisisly Criseses

Soooo, DC is rebooting their universe, again.  With a lot of new #1s in September, after Flashpoint.


I need to ponder this a lot more.

On the one hand, I'm screaming at this, but the other parts of me realise the potential too.  I can see the good, bad, and annoying in the situation.  My only thing is, if they do this, I want them to just go ahead AND DO IT.  Commit. Dive in.  Don't pull an original Crisis, do things half-assed, reboot half your stuff and try to keep your old continuity too.

Because that?  That was a frigging mess and a nightmare.

I'll post more on this as I work out what I think.

Or, hey, come find me in #comicbooks on IRC to chat about it!

Ahh, shameless plug.