February 25th, 2011


Red Head Revelation

Last night while watching Jeopardy, there was a commercial about the current contest for people to try and become Vanna White for a day.  It might have been the start of Wheel of Fortune, but that doesn't matter.

Anyways, my dad hears it and ponders.

"Hmm, I wonder if she'll be another blonde.  Maybe a brunette."

He ponders for another moment, "Or maybe she'll be a redhead."

I then hear from the back of the room, my mother.  "Oh god no, heaven forbid."

My fork slowly lowers.  My gaze turns with laser like focus burning into my mother's brain.  "You got a *problem* with redheads?"

My mother doesn't even have to think about it, and defends her stance with, "Yes, I do!  I don't like them!"

Boy, am *I* in the wrong house, huh?

Oh, and continuing last night's hypocrisy theme; can you guess what colour my mother has dyed her hair for the past 10+ years?