Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

MST3K Rewatch Week 35 - The Sinister Urge

Time for a little more Ed Wood.

"I hope they don't pick up the pace too much, this movie is relentless!"

Oh, this movie was so Woodian.  Long pauses, long pointless scenes, every drop of action and inaction filmed.  Weird dialogue and characters.  Motivations that barely make sense.  The plot doesn't even really warrant summing up beyond cops trying to shut down some smut peddlers and the wackiness that ensues.

But being an Ed Wood movie, and really weird and bad, it does give the guys some stuff to riff off of, but nothing great either.  A few terrible puns that had me facepalming, and a running gag with a minor character, that's about it.  Oh, and ducks.  I loved the ducks.

It was fun having a little story in the host segments again, with Frank trying to blow everything up, and everyone else trying to stop him.  And helped by Frank being pretty damned incompetent.  AKA, Frank.

Ah well.  It killed 90 minutes. ;)

Tags: mst3k

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