November 15th, 2010

Mind coffee

Black River: The Dead of Winter - Day 15

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Chapter five...awaaaay!  Off to a good start, used up the last of the chapter fragments I had from my aborted chapter three, and things are off to a solid start.  I kinda hate how I'm five chapters in and still on the same day.  And still no walking dead.  Well, besides the vampires.  My plans for chapter four blew up and got shifted, so chapter six will at least end with some shambling monstrosities, if all goes well.


Home Sweet DOOM!

Since I'm neck deep in writing, there's only one review going up this month on Trisk, which is an improvement over last year.  My learning to schedule posts, and getting ahead of myself helped a ton.  This month alone shows just how far the site and I have come in just a year.  Maybe next year, we'll have two reviews as normal months, and nothin will be noticed.

But don't get your hopes up. ;)

But I digress!

This year's Thanksgiving Turkey treat is the almost unknown 1981 slasher, Home Sweet Home.  An escaped mental patient shoots up PCP, stumbles across a Thanksgivng dinner, and dead bodies pile up like cord wood.  Fun times.

Telepath fight!

And Finally...

It's content creation Monday.

In a fit of insanity, I grabbed the crappy video camera, and filmed myself unboxing the Killjoy action figure I got free with an order from the horror movie makers, Full Moon Entertainment.  Providers of many a Triskaidekafile.

Then I uploaded it to YouTube, and decided to make it public so the internet demon hordes can devour me whole.

If you are brave enough to watch me play with a toy for 15 minutes:

You HAVE been warned though. ;)