October 31st, 2010



I...am NOT feeling NaNoWriMo this year.  I'm probably still going to take a stab at it, but right now I feel tired, run down and behind because I've not really put the work and thought into this year's book as I'd like to.  I'm sure I can still pull something out of my ass, but I don't really want to do that with Black River.


Maybe I just need to wake up a bit more.

Fire ninja!


Since I knew two people would call out the hounds if I didn't write more Black River, I've finally sat down and started jotting down some actual notes for the first few chapters, beyond two sentences on the prologue which I'd done before.  That will be enough to get me started.

More importantly, I need to write out some character specific notes that are particular to this specific book, besides the overall series notes I already have, to see who is going to do what.  Those notes are way more helpful to me than any sort of outline.  I actually tend to eschew outlines entirely, since I end up ignoring them almost entirely.

Having the few notes even in outline form do help to clarify a few things, and I've got character beats, goals, and motivations rattling around in my head, so that should at least get me through the first 10k.  Writing down and seeing in front of me who's doing what will help immensely.

I hate that I know more specifics about book three. ;)



Since I know there's another person who will bullwhip me if I don't write something *else*...my next comic rant is bubbling and will wander across the internet eventually.