October 17th, 2010

Jean Coffee


So, I tweeted (And squeed on IRC.  If only people were there to see it...) that I discovered the most amazing thing ever.

I've long extolled the virtues of Coffee Fool.  They have the best beans I have ever had coffee from.  I'm sure there is better out there, I'm positive of it in fact, but I really like their stuff, for multiple reasons.  But I digress, the coffee is just awesome.

But what did I discover?


I was only surfing and pondering, but that kinda made ordering an instant had to do thing.

This was either going to be the best tasting thing ever...or a complete nightmare.  But hey, you have coffee with your eggs and bacon, why not combine a few, right?

It came in yesterday, and I almost immediately made a cup.  So, how was it?

It was simultaneously disappointing and yet so damned good.

Wait, how does THAT work?

Well, it was probably the best cup of coffee I've had all year, meaning since the last time I ordered from Coffee Fool.  We usually stick to pre-ground, bought off a grocery store shelf crap, so Fool's coffee is always a treat, and this mug was no exception.  SO good, and easy to drink.  It rekindled my love of coffee, which was not gone to begin with.

Buuuut...  There is zero, that I can pick up, bacon flavour.  So, it is a total win in the awesome coffee department, but fails at being baconated coffee.  Which is a shame.  I might be missing something, and I used our crap brewer, so when I make a proper pot I might revisit this, but for now it's just really solid coffee.  Which is fine by me, just not what I was hoping for!

Oh yes, and Cthulhu Slippers!!