October 13th, 2010


A Year of Puppets, Demons, and Turkeys

One year ago today, I yanked the veil off of Triskaidekafiles, with the very first review, Popcorn. Well, a little before then, but I consider the first review to be the official start of the site.

Now, here we are 365 days later.  There's been a lot of reviews, a lot of posts, and a lot of movies watched, both new and old.  There's been a lot of pain, a lot of blood, and a lot of gratutious sex.

So a year later, and I'm still at it.

Is it weird that I'm probably more surprised than anyone else?  I don't exactly have a track record for sticking to things.  I can list many ideas I've had and started, only to get distracted very quickly by something else.  Yet this one, I've actually kept going for an entire year all on my own, which is definitely worth celebrating; just for it being a year, and for me keeping at it.

I've hit a few rough patches, mostly brought on by sickness thankfully, and fought through the occasional whimpering of not exactly looking forward to watching a bad movie. Although I plug through, and keep right on posting.

I have zero clue how video reviewers can post something every week.  I bow to their superior stamina.

But I digress.  Enough rambling.

Today, October 13th, I post the newest review Demons of Ludlow.  Not only is it posted on our anniversary, but it also happens to be the 26th review.  And that is not something I planned at all, it just happened.  I saw it coming a few months ago, and that's when the site settled into two reviews a month.  That's as close to a plan as that got.

The only significance of the movie is that it is set in a New England town called Ludlow.  Much of my life was spent in a New England town named Ludlow, in fact that's where I went to high school, and much of my love for bad movies was grown.  So it seemed appropriate that it should be honoured with being the anniversary review.

Thanks to everyone who has visited, I hope you read it, I hope you enjoy it, I hope you've enjoyed the past year of reviews, and I hope you enjoy the next year, and the year after.

I figure by then is when I'll have gotten bored. ;)

There's a lengthy post coming to the site itself about the past year that I'm going to write up shortly, but wanted to hype up the new review while it was fresh.