August 31st, 2010


Snake and Bake

A few days ago, my hands were required outside to help with cutting down some branches, and moving them off to a pile in the brush.  No big deal, I get asked to do this a few times a year.  No whoop.

As I'm carrying this huge clutch of branches over my head, I just so happen to look down and see my foot just about to land upon a pretty big snake.  Not like python big, but bigger than your average yard snake.

Now, I'm not so much afraid of snakes, but when you're unbalanced, on one foot, and about to step on one...well, things get a little bit different.  I wobble on my one foot, hop a bit, look for a place to drop my foot down that won't anger a reptile, and skip along to get the branches out of my hands.

The only thing going through my head as I was standing there like Daniel about to do his swan impression was, "Oh god, if I fall over and land on top of or next to this thing and it crawls over me, or finds a sleeve or...AHHHH move move move!"  Sure, it wouldn't have done anything to me, but when you're not prepared for it, that can be something your brain doesn't want to confront.

Not so much a fun Saturday morning there.

Vengeance for mocking the snake movies?
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