August 27th, 2010


13 and Counting

Posted a little joural entry over at ye olde Trisk.  Nothing much, just an update that things *seem* to be OK with the posting from Seamonkey.  We'll see in the next few days.

But I did ask for people to post suggestions for what would be a good movie to review for our one-year anniversary in October.  I get more people commenting on the site here than over there, so I figured I'd pose the question here as well.  My only requirements are horror (duh) and before 2001.  Although if it's a special kind of awfulness, that's negotiable.  I'm talking Corpse Grinders 2 levels of badness.

I don't really feel TOO obligated to do anything special, although I would LIKE to do something.  I'm just drawing a total blank on what might be apropriate.  Otherwise it'll probably be just posting that hey, we made it through a year! and business as usual with a Species review.

More on the running the site side of things, I'm trying to post something every week, with two movies every month.  The general idea is every other week has a review, and the other weeks would have a journal post of what's on my mind and what's coming up with the site.  I think that's a fair enough balance of content.  I never liked going so quiet for so long between reviews.  And that's just a minimum.  If I have more to say, I'd naturally post more.  Not say "Oh, I made my journal entry for the month, I'm not going to share this."