August 17th, 2010


Not So Sadness

So yeah, y'all read yesterday's post (RIGHT??) and I was already into discussing things with SquareSpace when Sheryl had suggested doing just that.

Turns out my choice of web browser isn't supported by them.  So far, that's never been a problem.  They just did an update a week or so ago that changed a number of things, and I suspect that's where things got broken between their editor and my browser.

The solution is basically to use another browser, which isn't really something I'm THAT keen to do, to have another web browser just to edit my website.  But, I do have Google Chrome sitting around which I keep *wanting* to switch to, but there's a few annoying variances in how it does things that are still deal breaking for me.  But I have an alternate, so I took a stab at working on the next review with Chrome.

The bad news?  Well, those annoyances still rear their heads even in the SquareSpace interface.  The biggest thing is killing all my line breaks when I paste my notes over.  That's a HUGE pain in the ass, but nowhere near as huge as it not saving a word of text.  The latter is kind of a deal breaker.  The former I can at least work with, right?  In fact, I can jump through a few extra hoops to preserve that formatting.  Which is still a pain, but hey, I can at least DO something.

It also turned all my double spaces after a period to just one. I was fixing it for half the review, then said screw it, this is annoying, and just left it as a single space. Let me know if a) anyone notices and b) if you prefer one over the other or if you even care. For some reason, the two spaces started to actually look weird, which makes no sense, I know...

So the good news!  Triskaidekafiles has actually been updated!

I've reviewed the 1974 movie, Horror High.  Which has almost always been seen since its initial release as Twisted Brain with added footage to dull it down.  But it's an already dull high school take on Jekyll and Hyde.

I can work with these restrictive annoyances in Chrome for now, but I *really* hope SquareSpace and Seamonkey line back up sometime soon, since that was so much easier.

Or maybe I'll finally make the jump from Seamonkey to Firefox, since the one or two reasons I've stuck with Seamonkey have been less and less important to me, especially with SquareSpace.

But I digress.  Go read!

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My Mind Just Got Blown

We've all seen the Old Spice Guy media blitz over the last few months.

I never saw this one coming.

A Vermont politician running for Senate doing his version of the commercial as part of his campaign to get elected.