July 31st, 2010

Jean Coffee

Comics Next Week

Amazing Spider-Man Vol 2 #639 Regular Paolo Manuel Rivera Cover 
Avengers Prime #2
Boys #45
Brightest Day #7 Regular David Finch Cover
Captain America Vol 5 #608
Darkstar And The Winter Guard #3
Gorilla Man #2
Grimm Fairy Tales Inferno #2 Cover B Norberto
Hawkeye & Mockingbird #3
Hercules Twilight Of A God #3
New Mutants Forever #1 Al Rio Cover
S.H.I.E.L.D. Vol 2 #3 Regular Gerald Parel Cover
Spitfire #1
Tales From Wonderland Red Rose One Shot Cover A Pasquale Qualano
Young Allies #3


Snake!  Snaaaake!  Ahh it's a Snake!

15 minutes to go, and thus I declare Triskaidekafile's Snake Month not a total and complete failure!

That's right, I'm back (Mostly) and feeling much better, and getting this done was a huge part of that, since it got me mentally feeling like I've accomplished something.

Check out the new review, Curse 2: The Bite over at the site!

And while this is Curse 2, it has zero to do with the first movie.  It couldn't have less to do with it if it tried.  I need to find more unrelated sequels.

I coulda done without the scenes of barfing up snakes though.  Ugh, bad timing.