July 6th, 2010

Emma Pondering

Let's Talk Comicbooks: Siege Aftermath

Hey, this is kinda new.

When I started thinking about the LTA/LT posts, I always wanted to do frequent comic posts to get discussion going, but since I get my comics later than most, it always seemed pointless to get discussion everyone has already had.

That, and there's this handy chatroom people should go to for such things.  HINT HINT. ;p

*cough* #Comicbooks on the IRC DALnet network *cough*

Anyways, the point of this post.  This is something falstaff_eg and I have discussed a few times on IRC, and have yet to come up with any solid ideas.  This is more of a general topic, and not any issue-specific item like I want to post more about, but here goes; one simple question.

Just WHAT CRIME has Norman Osborn committed to be imprisoned for, at the end of Siege?

Things to keep in mind, he was pardoned for everything pre, say, Secret Invasion, so all those crimes are off the table.

My best guess is that he's chilling in a prison cell for now until he gets a trial, for whatever crime we might come up with.  But as Staff has said a few times, you can't just convict a guy because you think he's bad.

Go at it.

And no, being written by Bendis is not a crime.