June 2nd, 2010


...to the 51st Century.

Yes, I totally planned those two subjects.

Some *very* minor VERY minor spoilers for Moffat's Who, but nothing major since I've only seen the first episode so far.  While I've been rewatching Davies' Who run from the beginning, I've rewatched a few of Moffat's episodes so far, and I'm noticing a number of running themes.

What is it with Stephen Moffat and the 51st Century, first of all?  Jack is from there, River Song is from there, the spaceship in Gril in the Fireplace is from there..  A friend of mine actually pulled up a Doctor Who wiki article on characters from the 51st Century, and aside from the ones in the first appearance of K-9 from the original series, characters that are related (Literally in most cases) to Captain Jack, like Grey and John Hart, that by necessity have to be from the same time as Jack and like one or two others...  EVERY character from the 51st Century has been created by Moffat.

What is it with him and having the Doctor complain about the companions not staying put?  Sure, it's mentioned in other places I'm sure, but Moffat does it in every episode he's written so far, having the Doctor specifically point it out and having them then immediately disobey, to which he again specifically snarks about THAT.  If you watch The Empty Child, Fireplace, 11th Hour, and one of the other series five episodes, this trend becomes very apparent.

The only exception to those two is Blink, which has none of those usual traits.

And of course there's his often lovely use of time-bending rules in most of his stories.  Which Blink does have.

I wouldn't notice things like this, except Moffat loves patterns and repetition, so things that reccur in his scripts really jump out at me.  Does it mean anything?  I doubt it.  I'm just noticing themes and pondering.

Probably the most intriguing ones are the 51st Century connections.  I don't know why, but he keeps going back there like he has a story he wants to tell, but hasn't yet.