April 15th, 2010


My Mom Fought the Law

But she didn't shoot the deputy...

Boy, yesterday was fun.

Parents went out, and they got pulled over.  Why were they pulled over?  Well, that would be because of all the stuffed animals she has crammed up on the dashboard in the front windshield.  We've been collecting these for quite a number of years.  I think it started with me when I got a penguin out of one of those claw machines, stuck it there, and the collection grew.

So the state trooper point out things about having obstructions in the windshield, and gave them a warning.  My mother has been *pissed* since this happened.  Which is...kinda silly, I think.  She wants to fight it, go to the DMV and complain.  Over stuffed animals.

She argued with me that they're not in HER way, so even if there's a law against it, she should be allowed.  I'm sorry, but they don't write laws with the Jason's Mom exemption.

She got out the driver's manual from a year or two ago, and couldn't find anything.  Except for the part about not having things hanging from the windshield.  Oh, and there was the bit about 'passengers and items in the car' should not be in the driver's way, but she decided to ignore that, because it made her wrong.  There was also something about distractions (Which might apply to our GPS device which was also at issue, but she really only cares about the animals.) but again...  Since there wasn't anything in the driver's manual, which isn't actual laws but more like guidelines, and definitely not the end all and be all, she figured she must be in the right.

Now, I know there are laws about where you can put a GPS device, and windshield obstructions on the books in MANY states, I just didn't know about Vermont's laws.  Because um...I don't drive.  Why would I?  So I went hunting online, because THAT I can do, and finally I found something, and showed it to my mother.  It clearly (As clearly as lawyer speak can get) that you can't put, stick, or paint anything on or over any transparent surface in front of the driver, or to the sides.  With a few exceptions.

And guess what?  Because there are exceptions?  She's still arguing.  The exceptions ruled out most of the crap she puts on the dash, but since it leaves a small space where she did have a few things, and was able to put things, she feels she's completely in the right.  There's an exemption for a foot wide area in the lower right corner, and she keeps saying the stuff in the middle of the windshield was ok, regardless of how many times I point out her car is more than two feet wide.

That's just the law I could *find*, and I'm already bored enough.  There might be something else on the books that is even more appropriate and better suited.  But I bet she'd still argue the point.

Yes, it IS a piddly little thing to pull over someone for.  Yes he was probably a bit of a dingus for doing it.  But geeze.  He's looking out for her safety.  OH and there's probably something about potential projectiles in a crash from loose objects, but I've done enough looking.  I just needed to rant.

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I loved the totally unsubtle music that Bones played whenever Robert Englund was on screen tonight.  Perfect casting, and I loved the nods to Freddy.  Although one was a liiittle bit more than a nod. ;)