March 23rd, 2010


Cold.  Sore

Just how the flonq am I supposed to answer when I get asked accusatoraly, "Why do you have another cold??"

I dunno, because PEOPLE GET COLDS??

And 'stuffed up' doesn't immediately mean 'cold'.

It could mean, oh, a reaction to someone smoking.

Ohh, I know.  I have a cold because I've stuffed my head into a bucket of cold viruses, and plan to INFECT THE WORLD!


I mean, really, what else can I say?

"Why do you have a cold??"  "I learned it from watching YOU!!"



I love when mom can be surprised by something.

During the 'previosyly on' clips for a show.

You know, the stuff she already saw.

"Well, I must not have been paying attention!  When did it happen, at the end of the show?"

After eight seasons, you would think she'd know that the last five minutes of any hour is when Things Actually Happen. ;)