March 15th, 2010

IT Ninja


My DVD recorder hooked up to the TV has been getting increasingly less reliable with new commercial DVDs.  They load, they get to the menu, and the remote just won't work.  It's not a battery issue, the signal gets to the machine fine, it just says "Error!" every time I hit a button.  Can't navigate, can't play, can't even stop.  Not even hitting buttons on the machine.  The only thing I can do is hit eject.

Now, I can look through the data on the disc and take a random guess and hope I find the right program buried in there somewhere.  But sometimes I grab one that's a little wrong, and it will jump literally halfway through the film, or stop halfway through because it thinks the movie is over.

My best guess is that the increasing efforts by the MPAA or whomever to make their DVDs harder to pirate (yeah RIGHT) are interfering with the standards of what my player knows a DVD as, and it's not quite recognising things right, and the disc is essentially 'broken'.

Last night having Surrogates end midway through while watching it with my parents was the last straw.

I need a new DVD recorder.  And yes, I do need the recording features.  I do NOT need nor particularly want a tuner, an HDD, or a VCR built in.  FUn, fun times.  Must hit Wal-Mart at some point.