March 8th, 2010


Good News Monday

Not only do we get the new Iron Man trailer, but we also get the announcement that J. Michael Straczynski is taking over writing Superman and Wonder Woman with 700 and 600, respectively.  Yes, they say 701 and 601, but he has stories in the anniversary issues that kick off his runs, so why would you not push the hundreds, if that's when they actually start?

Also, it looks like 2011 will bring a Scifi Saturday movie that might be worth watching.

"Felicia Day, star of web videos The Guild and Joss Whedon's Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-long Blog, who also played "Vi" in the final season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, will portray a werewolf-hunting descendant of Little Red Riding Hood in the new Syfy Saturday Original Movie, Red."

Now, to just remember it exists, when next year rolls in.

Burn the World

Where There's a Bill There's a Way

Can anyone tell me just what the fudge a Fedex Air Waybill is?

Here's the deal; a friend of mine won an auction, and was wincing a little at the price, but it wasn't too bad...until he got the FedEx notice that dropped almost an additional 80 dollars on top of everything else.  The auction does say that international shipments may have customs, duties, tarrifs, etc and they're not responsible for those, but the waybill seems like something else entirely.  But finding out what a waybill is, is a pain in the ass.

We're trying to sort out just who to be annoyed at, if it's just something he has to suck up, or if the seller should have informed him of these charges beforehand, or if they're just the cost of international tarrifs.