February 28th, 2010

Burn the World

The Corpse Rises Again

Before the month closes out, I've got one more review posted up at Triskaidekafiles.

We hit sequel town this time out, and look at Corpse Grinders 2, the somehow even worse movie than the original one from 30 years ago.

The Lotus cat food company is back, making yummy food out of dead bodies, but this time there's horrible cat aliens lurking around.  Doesn't that sound awesome??  *cries*

IT Ninja

My Peeps

Thanks again to all the Cafeteers coming back this Saturday.  Great to see all of you again.

It's look like Saturdays and Wednesdays are gonna be our nights (United States localised), unless I hear some major objections.

Now, if I can just get more people coming around #Comicbooks more.