February 18th, 2010

Mind coffee

Ongoing Sleep Update

We all know my sleeping is odd, and has been way the hell off for the past, crap, probably the past year.  Last week I made a concerted effort to actually try and get to sleep at slightly 'better' times, in a relative sense of course.  I've been trying to stop going to sleep at 2pm or later only to get up a few hours later.  It was slowly wearing me down.

It actually went pretty well.  Stuck mostly to a Noon-1pm bedtime, slept well enough, and actually managed to not grab too many naps later in the night, which has almost become the standard the last few months.  And yes, I know how messed up it is to say I grabbed a nap at 10pm. ;)

This week...well, not doing quite as good, but still on the good side.  Stayed up back to my old habits the other day, and because my body had *finally* adjusted back a few hours, I was totally wiped out still when I got up, which sounds bad, but is good in a roundabout way.  The biggest problem trying to roll back the sleep was I just wasn't that *tired* because my body had gotten used to this after a year.  So finally forcing myself to bed earlier has at last got that period that had become normal feeling 'too late' once again, so this is a step forward, even if that one slip doesn't sound pleasant.

Now I just have to keep at it, or at least have more 'early' days than late.

I'm done babbling now.