February 11th, 2010

IT Ninja


So, Google is getting into the social networking game with their new service, Buzz.

I've been poking at it for the past day or so, and I kinda like it.  Yeah, it's basically Twitter.  But it does give me more space to ramble so I can expound upon some things in more than 140 characters, and that's a bonus.  I do also like integrating my other stuff, so if I'm too lazy to share links to pics, they're automagically grabbed by Buzz and shared without me doing anything.

Probably the thing that puts it leaps and bounds above Twitter, IMO, is the commenting system.  I can actually follow a conversation, since all the comments are nested after my posts, much like my ol' favourite here, Livejournal.  I can never follow a conversation well on Twitter, since it's a bit of a hunt to try and get replies.  That's a big reason I've never really jumped on the Twitter bandwagon.

It's a step up, IMO, but much like Twitter, it does still have a bit of the "Ok, but what's the point?" stink to it, but for what it is, it's pretty decent.  And I figure it'll get better over time.

If anyone out there has a Buzz account, and if you have GMail, you're already on the road to having one, then you can follow me by adding me over here.

It's also made easier to follow stuff since its integrated right into GMail, and I *always* have that open, so it's quite quick and simple for me to check any buzzes.  This makes way more sense to me than Wave.

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