January 12th, 2010


Against My Better Judgement

I don't know why, but I find I actually like the character(s) of Jackpot.

Ok, ok, I can name one reason, we all can.

But even all that aside, everything in my head tells me I should hate Jackpot, with all the manipulation, and jerking us around with the MJ fakeout, and the two versions and everything else.

Yet...I just read the first issue of her solo mini, and I...actually thought it was a lot of fun.

Sarah's a decent character with some depth to her, and I connect with her right away, I get who she is, and she doesn't seem like every other paper thin character out there.  There's something I like about a very rookie superhero finding her way, screwing up, and just not doing very well once she confronts actual supervillains.

The action was fun, the writing pretty solid, and her origin is fine enough, although it has some corny bits to it.  But this is comics, right?

I'll admit I would rather she was Mary Jane, but I still find I like reading the adventures of Jackpot.

And it can't *all* be about the red hair.