Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey


Did not sleep good today, and not for my normal reasons.

Woke up randomly, as people are wont to do, and I heard my mom on the phone talking to my sister.  And I could hear her bitching about how all my stuff is on HER shelves, like I'm pushing her out of her own house!

This is...far from the first time she has bitched about this.  It has happened often enough that I have pointed out, a NUMBER of times, that SHE was the one who gave me the shelf space to put stuff on, but fuck it if she can remember a damned thing that happened since 2000.

And it is seriously pissing me off, because she's complaining about it behind my back, and complaining about something she let me do!  For fuck's sake!  So I woke up too early, and laid in bed for 90 minutes in a state of pissed off.

Tomorrow, we're making a trip to use Christmas gift cards (The nearest store is an hour away, so we've got some traveling to do for this) and part of me is so tempted to just toss the card at her and say I'm not going, I wouldn't want to buy anything and inconvenience her.

Alternately, I'll go and raid the five dollar DVD bins and stock up on more DVDs for maximum jerkitude.


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