December 9th, 2009




When did my crushing on fictional redheaded women go from "Charmingly quirky" to "kinda creepy"?

Those of you who will say it's always been kinda creepy, go stand over there, I'll get to you later. ;p

Burn the World

Turkey Time!

A belated Thanksgiving gift.

I've finally finished up the latest review for Triskaidekafiles.  I dug up a *ahem* classic dud from 1972, and anti-drug, pro-religious propoganda movie with a killer turkeyman, Blood Freak.

This movie burns.


Hulu Hoop

I'm not a huge fan of watching shows online, but once in awhile it's kinda necessary, so I rather love Hulu.

And now they've added another old show that only has a few episodes, but hopefully their back catalog will grow.

What show?

MST3K has come to Hulu

I've got all the episodes on there on DVD right now, but I definitely look forward to seeing what else will go up.  Another way for people to see a great show.