November 16th, 2009

Mind coffee

Black River: Day 16

36524 / 50000

Ok, wrote a ton today.  Realised I'd already reached my limit, and decided I might as well type the last 150 words to reach 2500 for the day.  I think I managed to buy back the crap ending by leading up to it and shining a different light on it.

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Wheel of Fortune was on for a bit tonight, before I popped in the Trickster episode of Supernatural from a few weeks ago (Which my mother said was the dumbest thing she's seen, but that's a rant for another day...)

Anyways, they've been in Boston for awhile, and tonight they had a lot of people from MA on.  I think they've been doing that all last week or three, but it was noticable and notable tonight.

My mom starts making fun of the Boston accents, saying they all sound like idiots...

Um, mom?  You're from Massachusetts.  You HAVE a Boston accent...  Pretty noticable at that.


Let's Talk TV: Heroes - 4x09: Brothers Keeper

All I really gotta say last, Claire and Tracy bonding.  I've wanted to see them together for ages.  And for precisely what happened tonight.  Loved those scenes.

Also, in my personal head canon, and this is gonna get geeky, the film reel Hiro swapped out to get the Coyote Sands footage, is one of the lost reels of Shada.

Most of my previous comments apply.  Sylar and Matt awesome, good character building stuff, needs better cliffhangers.

Oh!  And yay Mohinder.  I know I'm in the minority, but I *like* Mohinder.  I'm glad to see he's back, and after being gone for so long, I am glad to see him return.  Heck, I even liked his overwrought narration.

That's all I got.  What's on your minds?