November 12th, 2009


Black River: Day Twelve

27284 / 50000

It took me forever to find my in for this chapter, and it's not my best.  I do like the thoughts behind it, and the switch I pull from what might be expected, but the words themselves are pretty weak.  And even with staring at the monitor for almost 40 minutes, I still reached and exceeded my minimum around the same time. Once I get a roll going, I can just crap out words!

I also forgot if I ever gave Brendan a last name, so he may have two now. =P

It's funny that I was writing stuff, went to my notes to check and see if I'd written a name down, and discovered what I'd been writing actually fit in with the plans for him, which I had completely forgotten were my plans.  Just had to backtrack a little and add some more details to what I'd just done.

I've also noticed with each chapter that I started by doubling back in time, until things catched up with where they left off.  This wasn't a concious design choice and just how they all started.  As if chapter five, I'm doing it conciously, as I've come to like the gimmick, and it works well with the flow.

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