November 6th, 2009



I half read/half skimmed an article on giving your characters different voices, and how to not have them all sound the same.

And so I'm sitting here writing away, and I CAN'T STOP THINKING ABOUT IT.

It's good advice, but gah, I don't want to get into the details of such things as planning and language when I just want to put one word in front of the other! ;)


Black River: Day Six

It amuses me that no one noticed I'd screwed up on counting days. ;)

13040 / 50000

Yes, I'm quite a bit ahead of where I need to be, even by my own 2000 words a day goal.  I've been writing a bit extra of a few hundred words the last few days because I had some really good momentum, although I was keeping it back from my word counts, for personal bookkeeping reasons, mostly for better keeping track of things in my head.  Today I got far enough ahead that I figured I might as well keep everything in synch. Yes, I know how weird it is to actually hold back on my word count and essentially 'cheat' myself out of words. My brain works oddly, but we knew that.

I am really liking how chapter three is turning out so far.