November 3rd, 2009

Bean me!

Black River: Day Three

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Hmm.  Things are shaping up ok.  A little slow, but it's only day three.  I need a dead body by the end of the week.  There's a phrase that can't really be acceptably said in any other profession.

As a bonus, I'm also posting the first chapter.  I already know several things I'd change.  I'd dump the Columbine BS.  Seems way too out of date, but it might still work with some rejiggering.  I originally wanted to do the introduction from a single character's POV, and still prefer that way.  Not sure how it ended up being from a group's viewpoint.  I'd at least rewrite that to see which one was better, but I feel this way I ended up losing the idea of a audience viewpoint character.  They pop up later, but I think going the way I did was an error.  Also there's my usual rough first few paragraphs, but I seem to have picked up what few skills I have a bit quicker than normal this time around.

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