July 12th, 2009

Bean me!

The Weight is Over

Gyah, finally!

As I've mentioned, I've been steadily excercising four days a week, on the treadmill, for the past two years. I've got an average of losing about a pound a month. Slow, but steady, right? I can live with that.

My weight finally stopped dropping a few months back, and kinda settled at 177. It sometimes dipped to my lowest of 176, but for the most part, it bounced around 177. Man, was it frustrating to get a readout of 176.0, and just wish it would hiccup and drop a tenth of a pound! But actually, I was ok with that too. I still want/wanted to lose more, but if I stabilised there, that was fine by me.

Finally, for whatever reason (Some better sleep, a few less munchies, heck maybe even quitting my morning coffee recently, or who knows? Maybe drinking more soda with natural sugars than high fructose corn syrup? I could come up with reasons til the cows come home.) today the scale finally decided to play nice, and give me a 175. This finally puts me at 30 pounds lighter than when I started, and IMO, that's pretty huge.

After my heart scare a number of years ago (It feels like forever, it does), it took me a few years to move my fat ass onto the treadmill regularly, but once I got into it, I kept at it, and I've only taken one week off in all that time. I was feeling pretty sick that week, so I think I'm excused.

And now, the road to 174 begins! I don't really have any goal weight in mind, I just plan to keep at it. I think having less real goals to try and fight for has helped me. I'm not getting on that scale, and not seeing any progress, I just have the goal of "excercise, lose weight, feel better."

I'm done boring you, back to IRC with me. ;)