April 30th, 2009



So, those following my Twitter feed know already, I've been on a quest to find Pepsi/Mountain Dew Throwback. For those who've yet to hear about it, or see a commercial, these aew new corn syrup free versions of the sodas, using natural sugars instead. The recipes are a little different from the kosher versions that come out every year.

Most people know the benefits, even beyond taste, of using actual sugar over the corn syrup glop, and I've been dying to get my hands on some, but importing from Canada, or Mexico just seemed silly. And I could never find the kosher recipes locally. So hearing about Throwback was great, and I figured something wider like this, I might have a shot of actually aquiring, it would just be a matter of finding it within the timeframe of limited availability, which started around April 20th.

Struck out in a hunt last week, which wasn't surprising, since Vermont was unlikely to get it right away, being a smaller market.

Today though, I had to hit the bank, ran into the gas station to get some coffee for tonight, and decided to check there. What the heck, right? I'm there, there's a cooler... Thought I was out of luck, until I saw that OLD Dew logo. Score! Grabbed a bottle of each, to try the Pepsi as well.

So, how are they? I am by no means a soda tasting expert, but I like what I like. Well, the Dew kinda threw me at first. We're so used to the syrup, that the taste was off. Also, the bottle seemed a little warm, so that didn't help. Stuck it in the fridge 'til tonight, and it is SO much better. You can really taste the citrusy flavours now, at least I can, and its given the drink such a radically different flavour profile. It's shocking to me at first, but is really growing on me.

The Pepsi, well... I've never been a Pepsi fan. Always been a Coke person. Pepsi always tasted wrong, had a flat taste to it. It's hard to describe, but I'm sure those who prefer Coke know what I mean. But the Pepsi Throwback? This stuff is GOOD. I genuinely liked it from the first gulp from the bottle. I'd honestly put it just a little behind Coke, but would definitely drink it if it was the only cola option.

I'm just finishing off my bottle of Dew now, and the flavour has really settled for me. It's still weird, it's still not quite 'right' in my head, but I absolutely want to drink more of it.

I am going to buy so much more of this stuff, because I want it to sell well, and would love Pepsi to make these versions a more permanent part of their lineup, if not switch completely over to these recipes. I would gleefully pay a little more money for either of these sodas, if they wanted to keep the older, cheaper, syrupy recipes at a lower price point, and make the natural sugar recipes more of a 'premium' product.