March 19th, 2009



So, I wanna try something new. Mostly just to try it.

I got pointed towards a new web-based chat client, that seems pretty solid. I'd thought I would set it up (There really is none), and see if anyone wanted to try that out for tonight's Comicbooks chat.

I highly doubt that this will supplant the IRC room, since IRC is still much better than this, with more and better features, but thought we'd try this for people who don't want to download and install a new program.

So here we are, and if you want to come chat about comics tonight, just click the link below. I won't be in 'til after Supernatural for the most part, but I should be there off and on before then. And as always, the chat isn't limited to comics, we wander all over the spectrum.

Come chat about comicbooks with us!

Edit: And back 'til I sleep.



Just a quick reminder, it's Thursday. So come and chat about whatever, but hopefully comics, in #Comicbooks on DALnet tonight. I'll be in right after Supernatural, but surprise me and have a crowd. ;)

If you don't have IRC, or don't want to use it for whatever reason, or want to try something different, I'm also giving Tinychat a shot to see how they are, and what people think of them, and if you want to partake and try, click the link below:

Come chat with me!

Hope to see you somewhere. =)