February 6th, 2009


Photoblog: Silk Spectre Figure

Finally my comics got here, and dropped my new Silk Spectre figure in my lap.  I left it in the package all day, wanting to do the photos in the box, and out at the same time.  Too hard to do that with parentals bothering me, and wanting to use my photo space. ;)

And here's the pics.


If I can base my opinion solely on one figure, if you're a Watchmen fan, these should be good figures to have.  The poseability is limited, but they can be posed, and aren't statues.  They look great too, and are well made.

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It's KIND OF a Moonstone figure. ;)

Edit: Ooh, and for liabrown there's also an Avalanche.

Son of edit: Not Moonstone enough for you, Thunderbolts fans?  Then vote for her to be in cluded in the 3 3/4 inch line.  Along with other Thunderbolts.  And I guarantee right now, Paper Bag Spidey will be one of the five chosen, because the internet voters love their silly options.