January 29th, 2009

Mind coffee


Thanks again to quietdarkness for another year of paid LJness.  Bestest birthday present.

And to celebrate, I upload another userpic.  cyclopsscott said it would be perfect for me JUST as I was posting about losing icons, and I was all bummed this one wouldn't go up.

And now I watch Dk twitch. ;)

I so look at this picture and think "The thoughts of this coffee are troubled.  Allow me to read them deeper."

Burn the World

Birthday the 32nd: This Time it's Personal.

So, let's run down the pros and cons.

Another year of paid journalness.

Dog scratched me in the face.

Parents got me a dragon ring which I'm pretty much never going to wear, because I'm not a jewlery person, and it's freaking huge.  It's like one of those rings you see mafia dons wear, if they were into dragons.  I don't hate it, it's nice, but it's not anything I'd ever wear.  And that's my lone gift, really.

That Silk Spectre I got as a gift to myself with my comics, to cheer me up?  Yeah, that kinda backfired.  I just discovered I got hit with 14 dollars shipping on that order, when it was assumed to be free.  Midtown says, 75 dollars and you qualifiy for free shipping.  When you go to checkout, and you're under 75 dollars, it says "Add X amount to qualify for free shipping!"  When I went to check out, it didn't say anything, since I was over 75 dollars.  On the FAQ page about shipping it mentions, "Oh yeah, toys, non comic items?  Those don't qualify."  It's my fault, I missed the fine print, but at the same time, it's kinda theirs too, IMO, for misleading the buyer unless they go searching.  When you go to checkout, they have an express checkout option, which I've used for years, since my info is all nice and saved, it saves time.  On that page, it says NOTHING about shipping.  Not until after the order has gone through and charged is it shown.  Why would I go looking to see shipping price minutiae when everything on the site says "Just reach 75 dollars!"?  Especially after eight years of using the site.  And why wouldn't I use the express checkout option, like I've been doing for most of that time?  Sure, it's my bad, but they REALLY ought to make that clearer.  I didn't notice it today because I was curious if my order had shipped yet, since I usually hear by now, and nearly choked when I saw the price.

So, all in all, a pretty crap day.  At least I've got Hell's Kitchen, Supernatural, and Burn Notice.