January 21st, 2009


Let's Talk About Television: Lost 5x01/5x02 - Because You Left/The Lie

Yeah, another TV show thread.  I wanna toss up a few comic related ones, but still pondering those.  I'm pretty sure posting one for every comic I read will drive people up the wall. ;)  I doubt anyone other than me has anything meaningful to say about Cthulhu Tales anyways.  Plus, I'm typically behind by a week or more, so...  Probably the Big Issues will get some posts, we'll see.

But anyways...Lost is back!  Yay!  Oh, so much awesome in two hours.  The first episode was better than the second, IMO, but the second wasn't bad either.  How can you go wrong with Hurley?

I'm still processing my thoughts on the episodes, as I tend to do with Lost, but right now I'm kinda, "Eeeee."  That was a pretty solid return, and set up some VERY interesting things for the rest of the season.

What did y'all think?