December 21st, 2008


Snow Business

My dad's busy being a security guard.  One of the bosses is a real hard ass.

Right now, we're in the middle of a snowstorm, biggest one of the year.  We've had a few others.  Once it starts snowing, my dad is reluctant to go to work.  Understandably so, since Vermont doesn't do snowstorms lightly.  The guy is starting to give my dad a hard time for, oh, not wanting to risk things like the only car we have, or his life just to get to work.  Dad just called in because there's no way he's getting out today, and things are going to get worse pretty much for the next 24 hours straight.  First time ever I've seen the weather report saying if you have to go out, pack an emergency kit.  It's snowing right now, going to get heavier, and there's talk of wind up to 50 mph before this is through, with over a foot of snow.

So yeah, dad said he's not coming in.  Heck, he can't get out of the yard now, let alone what happens later.  We won't even see a plow for 12 hours I bet.

Bossman decided to play dirty and he's threatened to tell unemployment that my dad is refusing work.  Of course, my dad isn't ON unemployment right now.  He's only on it occasionally, when they don't have work for him.  He stops collecting once he starts working, duh.

But how crap is that?  Trying to blackmail people to come out in a blizzard?  Geeze.  My dad has written down the dates and why in case the unemployment office does say something next time he tries to collect.

This could get interesting.

Addendum: Aaaand he just got another call, he's been fired.