December 17th, 2008



I have a few pet peeves.

Yeah, I know.  Who me?  Who would have guessed, right? ;)

But one in particular was touched upon tonight.

When I say something annoys me, or gets on my nerves, or I don't like it, the quickest way to piss me off?  Is to start doing exactly what I just said gets on my nerves.

I've seen a lot of people do this, and not just to me, and I simply do NOT get it.  If you're friends with someone, and they've just said that something bugs them, why the hell would you proceed to do precisely that, and rub their noses in it?

That's not funny.  That's not cute.  That's pretty shitty, and right at the top of a list of how to be an asshole.

If I say I don't like something, don't do it thinking you're being clever.  What would possess a person?  "Hey, he hates this, and since I am a friend, I shall now force him to endure that which he just told me he hates!"  That makes zero sense to me.