December 2nd, 2008


Evil Thoughts

I gotta say, I almost preferred when my mother couldn't get around and was stuck in the house.

All I wanted to do today was go to Rutland, get a DVD, come home and pass way the heck out.  I'm trying to STOP being up this late.  But no, my mother has renewed mobility (Which is YAY, my whinging aside) so SHE took me instead of dad.  And at every turn she heaped on errand after errand, stop after stop...  And she can't just go into a store, buy what she came for and go.  She has to browse, look at every shiny thing that catches her eye...

So it took four bloody hours. XP

I hope next week's trip is not a repeat.  And I especially hope they're not expecting me to cook tonight, like was kinda suggested a few days ago.  Because I'm not.