November 25th, 2008



You DO realise that I will now take it as a challenge to try and come up with some way to seriously write "The Adventures of Tickybox", right? =)

As for the rest of the poll, I'm gonna go with the slight majority, and post completed chapters.  Easier on you guys, less frustrating too, for those reading.  I'll also probably spare the wordcounts, unlike last year.

Bean me!

Urge to Kill...Rising

Ok, y'all know I'm pretty mellow on spoilers.  It's not worth the trouble avoid stuff if I'm not going to watch it immediately.  Doctor Who, for example.  I wait for the DVDs, for my own reasons, so if I come across spoilers, I'm not too perturbed.  Having Doctor Who fandom, and even a writer!, in the friendslist make it an impossibility, really. =) 

Otherwise, something that's new I might nab spoilers about out of curiosity, and to speculate how it happens.  But in general I don't like the Big Stuff Spoiled, if it's avoidable.

So if you give me a link to the plot of the Star Trek movie...

And I say I didn't read the link...

And you ask if I want the link again so I can read it...

And I say no to giving me the link again...

DON'T FUCKING TELL ME WHAT THE LINK SAYS!  How godsdamned hard is that?!  "I didn't read it.  Do not give me the link again, I don't want to read it." does not translate as "Golly, I'd enjoy reading it, could you give me all the juicy details??"

And no, it is not 'obvious from the trailer' what the link revealed.

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