November 15th, 2008

Original Jean

Comics Next Week

Ambush Bug Year None #4 
Angel After The Fall #14 Regular Cover B
Avengers Invaders #6 Regular Alex Ross Cover
Brave And The Bold Vol 3 #19
Justice Society Of America Kingdom Come Special Magog #1 Regular Alex Ross Cover
Rann Thanagar Holy War #7
Tangent Supermans Reign #9
Terra #2
Thunderbolts #126
Trinity #25
Uncanny X-Men #504 (X-Men Manifest Destiny Tie-In)
X-Factor Vol 3 #37
X-Men Legacy #218 (Original Sin Part 4)
Young X-Men #8 (X-Men Manifest Destiny Tie-In)

I was tempted by Supergirl.  Someone will have to tell me how it is, and information on the new Superwoman. ;)



Damnit, Blizzard!  Stop doing server restarts at the precise moments when I want to play! ;)

Let's inconvenience the people logging in at 7 *pm* for a change, huh?? =)