September 27th, 2008

Original Jean

Comics Next Week

Bwah. It's a skip week. Too small of an order!

Beyond Wonderland #2
Boys #23 Regular John Cassaday Cover
Cable Vol 2 #7 Regular Ariel Olivetti Cover
Eternals Vol 4 #5 Regular Daniel Acuna Cover
House Of Mystery Vol 2 #6
Justice League Of America Vol 2 #25
Marvel Apes #3 Regular John Watson Cover
New Exiles #12
Terror Titans #1
Trinity #18
Witchblade #121

Fire ninja!

Surprisingly Good

That would be my description of today.

I am still annoyed that Midtown Comics misshipped last week's books, so I'm still waiting for three packages from them at once. That's been driving me up the wall, especially when one of them left the nearest point to me almost a week ago and still isn't here yet.

I also stepped on some cactus spines that somehow came off one of our plants, and wandered into another room entirely. Ow.

Not to mention I slept like crap, but not so bad as other days.

Oh yeah, and lest I forget, there's something wrong with the water heater, so I got suddenly very ice cold water while I was half done my shower. Brrr. My dad says we're crazy, there's nothing wrong, we take too long for our showers... Mmmaybe so, but I've never run out of water that fast, and that cold in 20+ years, so I'm pretty sure there's something wrong.

But after all that, I got a nice surprise.

An email arrived, and an old, old, dear friend, whom I have been looking for, for ten years, has resurfaced on Facebook. A mutual friend pointed me towards her, and yay, it IS her. I wasn't entirely certain it was at first, since it's been so bloody long.

I would take the occasional attempt to find her, and never really got anywhere. At one point, I did find some mentions of someone that might have been her, regarding a paper she wrote about some local ghosts, but could never manage to use that to track her down.

The weirdest thing, and this is par for the course, I was just looking for her again a few days ago, and BOOM, there comes that email. Story of my life. Got a ton of catching up to do. Mostly on her side, but I have a few events to pass along.



Photoblog: Close, but no Cigar

Yep, I am tso close to being done.

I didn't skip yesterday, I just didn't feel like posting. It was all DC JLA photos, which I finished up today.

Also added a small group of photos from the What the Cast recording panel, and a handful of random costumed pics.
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