September 5th, 2008


Photoblog: I Watch the Watchmen

Working my way through photos, and thought I'd post the link to my pics from the Watchmen photoshoot.

They were a pretty cool group, and was nice to meet a name or two I knew from online.

There'll be a few more pics added to the group later, but they weren't from the official shoot, just other Watchmen caught around the con later that day.

Bean me!

Weight, There's More!

So, I have this pair of pants in my closet.

I believe everyone losing weight has a pair of these pants.

That one pair you refuse to throw out because it doesn't fit, that pair of pants you WILL wear again some day.

Last time I tried these on, while they could just be zipped up, I wished I could die. SO tight. Haven't given them much thought in recent months, but today seemed like a good day.

And they aaaalmost fit properly. Still way too snug for me, but I could wear them if my other pants suddenly fell apart and turned to dust, as an emergency.