September 4th, 2008

IT Ninja


Ok, I'm sure by now everyone has heard of Google Chrome, mostly because of Scott McCloud's comic style readme file.

Anyone who's been around me today has already heard my general opinion, which has been 'don't care'. Mainly because I already have a safe, secure, non-IE browser in Mozilla Seamonkey, and see little reason to move to something just because it's new, shiny, and Google.

Well, I finally read the comic, and the techy people I listen to on podcasts are talking about it just a little, and I will say my interest has been piqued. Anything that does stuff in new ways, and does them better, AND faster, is definitely worthwhile. However, I'm still unlikely to make a switch, unless it adds in website creation tools a la Netscape/Mozilla/Seamonkey's Composter components. That factor has kept me from switching to Firefox all this time, and that's not likely to change yet.

But, Google has gotten me to check it out, so that is a start, right?

Right off the bat, I hit a snag, and IMO, it's a big one. You can only import bookmarks from IE. Sorry, I don't *use* IE. And I have a ton of bookmarks in Seamonkey. If I can't move them all over easily, that's strike one. I would wholly expect that to be fixed soon though.

Other than that, I'm actually quite impressed. Web pages do indeed spring up VERY quickly. It's like the old days, when the site would instantly load, and you weren't waiting for ads, and scripts, and everything else. Ahhh. If you're on a slow connection, you would still be waiting for content, but the structure of the site itself and text is right there almost immediately. That is how sites SHOULD load. I hate how often websites will hang from a pesky script, or ad. At the very least, let me read the site while the crap and images load? Is that so hard?

Another big thing for me, is that this doesn't seem to adversely affect my processor. A lot of new programs, like a lot of Adobe's AIR apps, are nice, and shiny, and functional, but always seem to do more work than necessary to do their thing, and I can always hear fans starting to purr a little louder. Chrome is designed so as to keep that to a minimum, and does no more taxing work than any other browser I've used, possibly less. Even sites like Comic Book Resources and Comics Continuum don't seem to be as taxing under this browser, and that's another plus.

The design is amazingly clean and pretty slick, although not the most new user friendly. There's a learning curve, that's not terribly steep, but it does exist. And considering my geek-fu level, this might be more problematic for new users. That aside, it seems very well thought out, and once you wrap your head around the eccentricities of the new program, it does make sense, and becomes easier.

Their security implementations all seem very sound to me, but I'm waiting for people who know more about this stuff than I do to vet the program and give it a thumbs up before I really dive into it. There's always gonna be bugs and holes, but it sounds pretty solid, I just want independent confirmation from people I trust on the matter. If they give it a thumbs up, that the security is as solid as anything else out there, or better, then that is one more point in favour.

Overall, it's not QUITE the browser for me, but I wish it had a few things that would make it be my browser of choice. If it did, I'd be all over it. If you're looking for a new browser, I definitely recommend you check it out, this might just be the ticket. I'm very pleased with what I've seen, and hope they get my few concerns addressed, because I would really like to use it.

Yes, I felt it was time for a more substantive post after the last few days.


So, my mother was looking for dog name suggestions, I have made my feelings known about the rat, and suggested "Football". Because they had the lame suggestions of the stupidly ironic names like "Bruiser" and "Tiger". Ugh.

They glared at me for my suggestion, and I moved on, "Rugby?"

The sad thing? They *like* Rugby.

But my mother, in typical fashion, "Football is too long, Rugby is much shorter!" Go ahead, say the names out loud, let it sink in... ;)

They liked it so much, they went and got a dog tag yesterday at the fair. My mother for some unfathomable reason, wants it to be spelled Rugbe, which now that I've typed it out, looks even dumber than it did in my head. And even better, they spelled it wrong on the tag, so it's now Rubge. My mother says the guy spelled it wrong, but I really don't put it past her spelling it wrong to the guy, considering she read it off and spelled it several times, to me, before she realised it was wrong. ;)


Next Year

So, I'm naturally thinking of next year's convention circuit.

I plan to go to one, and ONLY one. These two cons a year, with people not rooming with me, really kick my ass. But I'm not sure where to go.

Poll #1253957 Conventional

Where should I go next year?

Dragon*Con! Four years in a row, woo!
Wizard World Chicago! You've been gone too long!
New York Comicon! It's close, it's different, there's gonna be Dawns!

Other suggestions may go into comments.

And if you want to say why, please comment. =)

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